Friday, September 25, 2015

Hot girl in Bikini catches Goliath Grouper

Hot bikini girl Jessica Jae catches huge Goliath Grouper video


Thursday, September 17, 2015

Girl grouper fishing in Florida out of the Plantation on Crystal River

Luiza is back at it this time catchiung a big grouper while fishing in a beautiful thong bikini great video nice catch

 Hot girl fishing in Bikini follow @fishingwithluiza
Fishing with Luiza also at the top of the list for hottest bikini model gone fishing. She is most well known by being featured on extreme fishing Adventures with Captain Jimmy Nelson . Luiza Also has a huge following on instagram so if you like what you see be sure and follow her @fishingwithluiza According to her IG She enjoys fishing, Scuba diving, Travel, Archery, Spear fishing, and is a Fashionista.
We think the best thing is She knows how to reel in a fish and looks great doing it in hot bikinis. Thanks Luiza for the great photos on IG see more video and photos here